Our CEO, Jo Cowen, has been named by EG as one of the #buildtorent sectors most influential figures.

Jo Cowen and Co-founder Chris Wilkinson are responsible for the strategic design and delivery of all of the practice’s BTR led regeneration and residential projects, working closely with investors, Local Authorities, Community and steering groups to provide key stakeholder management in pursuit of quality development that enhances the built environment.


Jo Cowen has personally led the practice’s build-to-rent division, providing thought leadership on the future of managed rental accommodation for the next generation. Through the multi-family and Single Family Housing Platform with Present Made, Jo has invested the practice’s energy in delivering the highest quality housing and streetscapes, focussing the practice’s commitment to social inclusion and placemaking.  Jo possesses an unusual combination of skills for an architect; design, commercial viability and maximising site density in a sustainable, cohesive way. She leads the practice’s commitment to ESG.

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