Mentoring + Aprenticeships

Jo Cowen Architects have initiated a mentoring programme for 16-18 year olds. We are taking 12 students from 3 London Academy’s to provide opportunity for those with an interest in design.

We are encouraging those students to continue through the RIBA Architectural Apprenticeships programme and will provide the support and employment base for this. We have sought to promote social, ethnic gender diversity within the programme and pair students with mentors within the office. Our mentors are our team and we are seeking to explore all types of creativity, with the aim of supporting students in accessing university courses, apprenticeships and further educations.

We are not prescriptive about architecture, more about how we as designers can contribute to the built environment with an overriding focus on sustainability, community and social inclusion.

We are also working with the Royal Institute of British architects to provide employment for Apprenticeships, for those who wish to qualify as an architect while in practice. If you wish to make an application, please email

Our Mentors are: Luke Bryant, Katie Dechow, Alexander Grice, Agata Korzeniewska, Abigail Glancy, Jamie Woods, Michael Jardine and Anahita Chouhan.

To discuss a project or find out more about how we can work together, please get in touch.

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