Aldgate PBSA, London

Jo Cowen Architects are at early stages of design for mixed use, city centre PBSA, retail and private for-sale scheme. The proposal sits over the Aldgate bus station and is highly complex in terms of the ongoing operations. The scheme comprises of 756 student studios and 82 private units with retail at ground level and student amenity and co-working at first floor level.

The concept building footprint is ‘cut-back’ to provide a relief space between the scheme and the adjacent 60 Aldgate High Street. Where the building sits in close proximity to 16 Minories, the facade can be designed to orientate views and prevent overlooking.

Retail units can be directly accesses from Aldgate High Street. The student entrance and access to amenity can be located directly from the Minories, whilst the residential entrance takes advantage of the new public realm area to the south-east. Residential units are then in turn located away from the noisy roads. Podium gardens can be introduced to conceal the active bus station below. This allows for opportunities for retail/ F&B outlets to take use of this space and provide outdoor seating areas. This space can also be shared with Student or Residential uses if required.

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