Cotton Quay

SCOPE: Planning and Agency (foreward fund)

LOCATION: Salford, Cotton Quays, Manchester

TYPE: Build-to-rent, Mixed Use


SERVICES: Architecture

STATUS: Pre-Planning

Jo Cowen Architects are working with Royalton Group on Acala A3, Cotton Quay in order to re-appropriate the outline consented scheme as a Build-to-Rent asset. Following the outline approval, Jo Cowen Architects have been brought in to assess how the sites could be reappropriated and developed for BTR, looking at creating a considered solution in terms of operations, demographic and affordability.  The scheme sits as part of the wider Cotton Quay development site in Salford.

The design of the building from the street is a key aspect in promoting both the integrity and appeal of the building to potential residents, the customer. Our design explores the nature of the frontage to ensure the ‘first impression’ is of a high quality and engaging environment. We have carefully arranged the back of house spaces to minimise impact on the street and ensured that the primary frontages also address the pedestrian route to the eastern side of the scheme.

‘Royalton Group and Frogmore’s £360m residential scheme was approved by Salford City Council’s planning committee in 2020. The development, made up of two towers of 48 and 37 storeys, will be split into four quarters, and include up to 1,490 homes, commercial, retail and leisure spaces, two hotels, a lido into the St Francis Basin, a multi-storey car park with a rooftop play area including a climbing wall, floating gardens.’ Studio Egret West

We have maximised the opportunity to create a more succinct route between the two sides of the scheme using the first floor as a connection space, which in turn becomes a logical location for amenity provision. This also benefits from direct access to the podium gardens to both the east and west sides of the link if required. This assists residents from the south side to reach additional amenity provision located on the upper floors of the north core. Operationally, there is also a simple and clear route for facilities managers to circulate between the north and south further encouraging cross flow within the first floor amenity areas.

With Acala, we seek to promote flexible communities. The provision of flexible amenities, flexible apartments and permanent on-site management provides opportunities to generate additional revenues while enabling shared experiences that create communities within the building. For the amenities to stay relevant, they need to retain the ability to reshape the customer offering over the life cycle of the asset. This is a key competitive advantage when also considered against the qualitative and design aspects of the spaces.

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