Motspur park

Motspur Park is a residential proposal for Kingston MOL which provides 526 residential units across a series of residential apartment buildings, set in a landscape led strategy for well being and suatainable living. The scheme achieves 65% dual aspect, a 5,000sqft Residents Clubhouse carefully orientated to the landscape and the opportunity for tenure designated buildings or for ‘pepper-potting’ if required.

The scheme is landscape led with a cohesive and well considered natural ‘parkland’ landscape that is responsive and enhances the Metropolitan Open Land, with a simple design to promote good way finding and safe spaces. A ‘Play On The Way’ integrated approach with opportunities for picnic areas and recreational activities and a landscape proposition that culminates in a focal point orientated towards the residential amenity.

The buildings are designed to be ‘materially sympathetic’ to their context with a proportion and rhythm considered for each building. There is conceptual referencing to the original gas holders and history of the site.

The central parts of the scheme are designed to ensure simple way finding whilst offer a variety of landscape features. A cycling and walking route is provided adjacent to the Brook, with picnic seating areas overlooking the woodlands. Vehicle cross overs are minimised and designed to be pedestrian priority surfaces. Views to the back of house servicing route are always screened through the landscape, with long views prioritised through the centre of the site.

The scheme culminates in a central courtyard, taking a cue from the historical circular form of the original gas holders. The residents clubhouse is strategically placed to engage with the central landscape. There is potential for a new bridge crossing allowing the scheme to engage with the adjacent woodlands, whilst the cycle and walking route along the edge of the brook is continually maintained.

The roof of the residents clubhouse goes on to provide additional landscaping, with an private courtyard provided at the centre of the space. The Residents clubhouse is designed to fully engage with the surround landscape, offering direct visual and physical connections to the primary landscape area, which in turn offers connections to the Beverley Brook.

A second smaller courtyard is also provided to the centre of the residents clubhouse to bring natural light deep into the space and also allowing for all clubhouse spaces to directly address open an external space.

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