Worcestershire Parkway

“We design neighbourhoods as frameworks for diversity. We amplify the unique elements of briefs and sites to create places that have distinct and long-lasting character.” Carlota Tarragona

Jo Cowen Architects are undertaking the master planning role for the development of a new settlement of circa 10 000 new homes. Led by the Landscape, rooted in green infrastructure.

We recognise the importance of community involvement and empowerment, and of building a place that responds to its residents, developing and growing as the community develops. When people are placed at the heart of the master planning process, real community needs are identified, and there is a unique opportunity to build consensus and trust, to listen and to plan together for the future.

Placemaking is at the heart of this design, ultimately the thoughtful consideration of a new town centre, linked to the landscape and inherently developed on principles of liveable street and a modal shift in movement strategy. We are creating the 21st Century market town, sustainable, zero carbon with homes and places for all.

New Garden Community

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