Build to Rent

“Over the past few years Orion has had the pleasure of working with Joanne Cowen Architects on several schemes. The professionalism, care, experience and integrity which Jo and her team bring to each project, creates a company that is a joy to work with. As a developer, it is so refreshing to work with an architectural practice which not only designs great buildings, but always has an eye to the financial viability so that the scheme is deliverable. Jo Cowen Architects pay great attention to detail, particularly in relation to Environmental Social Governance, landscaping and creating places where people aspire to live. We look forward to our continuing collaboration with the delightful company.” Richard Olsen, CEO of Orion Land

Jo Cowen Architects are Build-to-Rent (BTR) specialists. Build-to-Rent is driven by people, which is why we work closely with our clients to understand their demographic and to ensure we design and deliver the best possible solution for future owners and residents alike.

Designing Private Rental is about longevity and durability. Long term viable schemes are those whose materials and layouts perform through the buildings life-cycle.

Schemes must understand how the operating company will work, and how their ethos will permeate the building. Minor changes to comparative market units will maximize the rental yield, and give flexibility to future users.

At Jo Cowen Architects, we strives to deliver high quality design through GIA/NIA efficiency and viability, providing the scope to invest in materials, amenity and placemaking. We design buildings for life, for people and for our investors.

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