Abigail Glancy

Architectural Assistant Part 1

Since joining Jo Cowen Architects in 2019 Abigail has worked on a wide spectrum of projects across masterplanning and architecture, ranging from strategic masterplans for new settlements, to single householder extensions.

Abigail completed her Masters in Architecture at the London School of Architecture, where she achieved a Distinction and was nominated for the 3DReid Student Prize. Her thesis project ‘Not in my Back Yard!’ demonstrated how we might densify London’s land hungry, petrol-guzzling suburbs by doing just that – building in people’s back yards. By unlocking the value in the oversized curtilage of the interwar semi, the development of one suburban block could provide a blue print for how we might build the thousands of homes the city needs, whilst rediscovering the sustainable movement principles that have existed in English villages for centuries.

Abigail’s primary focus is at the intersection of the housing and climate crisis, and she is determined to pursue sustainable development, both in planning and tectonics, throughout her career. Prior to joining JCA, she worked in Seville for Yadland Arquitectos, and completed her Bachelor’s degree at the Mackintosh School of Architecture in Glasgow.

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