Edward Birch


Edward comes to the practice from Australia and has been living and working in London since 2018.  He obtained his architecture degrees from the University of Sydney and gained his registration from the NSW ARB. In 2005, while a student he started working at the Australian firm Luigi Rosselli Architects. During his 13 years there he managed from concept to completion multiple award-winning projects, ranging in scale from single dwellings to large scale residential buildings.

Edward moved to London in 2018 and has since been working on high end residential & Listed Building projects in London and around the UK.

Edward has a passion for integrating sustainable design concepts, materials and methods of construction into residential projects. From rammed earth to structural stone, he has explored the use of nonstandard construction techniques in his work.  He has also enjoyed the challenges of working with different climactic and cultural conditions and how lessons can be learnt and applied across different countries.

Edward is a keen architectural photographer with his images published in multiple places both online and in print.

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