Giovanni Musumeci

Architectural Assistant

Giovanni joined Jo Cowen Architects shortly after completing his Part 1 studies at the University of Westminster. Leading him to take the first steps into the architectural profession. Giovanni is an enthusiastic individual who is passionate about the intersection architecture establishes with technology, the arts, history, and society at large, he admires the synergy between people, and space, in which cutting-edge materials and techniques are used to creatively reinterpret certain urban area’s design identity. The architecture-space relationship is of great interest to him, and was discussed in his dissertation, where he focused on the concept of ‘non-places’, and how they can be reimagined by crucially creating a modern, highly functional, and distinctively unique sense of space. In his last year of university, he was part of an experimental international studio working in collaboration with the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, China, where he challenged himself to design a large-scale residential project within a drastically different cultural and urban context, dealing with dramatically different user groups, in a high-density, large-scale area. As a result, he aims to discover new tectonic approaches to enhance the connection between people and spaces, for a higher quality of living in the future.

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