Ioana Naghi

Architectural Assistant

Ioana has recently joined the team as a Part 2 Architectural Assistant after graduating with a Master degree from the Manchester School of Architecture. Her thesis project, titled ‘HomeJoy // Affordable & Zero-Carbon City ‘, investigated the realm of architectural computational tools while simultaneously addressing the crucial issue of urban sustainability. By crafting a comprehensive strategy that struck a harmonious balance between the development of affordable housing, equitable opportunities, and economic feasibility, her project aspired to design homes suitable for residents with diverse characteristics. Her thesis project earned a nomination for the Future Architect Award from the Manchester Society of Architects, securing a second-place finish.

Prior to joining JCA, Ioana worked as a Part 1 Architectural Assistant at Proctor & Matthews Architects in London where she developed a wide range of skills. She was a pivotal team member involved in the development of the Carpenters Estate regeneration project proposal. While pursuing her Masters degree, she also worked as a part time architectural assistant on a variety of house extensions in Manchester.

In her free time, Ioana enjoys exploring new places, reading good books and meeting people. She spends a lot of her leisure time on the volleyball court and ski slopes, two of her passions since childhood.

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