Jo Cowen


Jo Cowen is CEO of Jo Cowen Architects and responsible for the management and strategic delivery of all of the practice’s BTR led regeneration and residential projects, working closely with investors, Local Authorities, Community and steering groups to provide key stakeholder management in pursuit of quality development that enhances the built environment.

Jo Cowen has personally led the practice’s build-to-rent division, providing thought leadership on the future of managed rental accommodation for the next generation. Through the Build-to-Rent Family Housing Platform, Jo has invested the practice’s energy in delivering the highest quality housing and streetscapes, focussing the practice’s commitment to social inclusion and placemaking. Jo possesses an unusual combination of skills for an architect; design, commercial viability and maximising site density in a sustainable, cohesive way. Jo currently works with a number of industry bodies dedicated to improving the procurement and design delivery within a broadening supply chain. With her concurrent knowledge of investment management, she can respond to the current trends within the residential market and real estate investment, best known for her ability to analyse and creatively visualise a site’s potential, as well advise on planning risk. This extends to originating development opportunities through the architectural practice, parcelling sites and drawing up proposals that are rational and investable.

‘As an architect and master planner, I take most pride in the value that good de-sign can add to people’s enjoyment of the places they live and work within and around. Good design aids cohesive social sustainability, pride and connection to place, promoting wellness and living sustainably. I have worked tirelessly to understand the nuances of commercial viability, to ensure that what we design is deliverable and provides key returns to investors whilst mutually allowing for the highest quality urban and rural environments. We as architects and master planners need to develop visions that can be stewarded, co-aligned with that of the investor, developer, operator and home owner/renter. Whilst overseeing all major master planning projects in the practice, I tend to focus on the strategic realisation of the larger regeneration and placemaking projects. We need to feel proud of the places we create for the future generations.’

Jo Cowen is Vice President of a major Charity ‘Story of Christmas’, leads the mentoring programme for the practice and is a founding share holder of Semble, a social enterprise for community groups.

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